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ARTICLE in The Syncopated Times, "Keys and Brushes" - Lew Shaw [October 2023]:
  ...on my hobby of painting with watercolor on the road!

Max Morath on I Love Erroll, I Love James P. [August 2022]:
  "Favorite pianists playing favorite pianists!"

REVIEW of I Love Erroll, I Love James P. - Joe Bebco from The Syncopated Times [March 2021]:
  "This is a major release establishing them at the top of their field and certainly the lead modern acolytes of Garner and Johnson."

REVIEW of I Love Erroll, I Love James P. - Scott Yanow [January 2021]:
  "I Love Erroll/I Love James P. is a double gem..."

REVIEW of I Love Erroll, I Love James P. - Lynn René Bayley [January 2021]:
  "Stephanie and Paolo have snap-frozen two piano icons in time and given us recordings to treasure, showing us the richness of each of these two titans’ legacy while adding to their own as performers."

RADIO PROGRAM on Swing FM [5/16/19]:
  "Deux amours de pianistes, Stéphanie et Paolo", with Alain Charbonnier on Swing FM website

REVIEW of performance at University of California, Santa Barbara [2/20/19]: pdf (2.8 MB PDF)
   In conjunction with Professor Jeffrey Stewart's "History of Jazz" course: "The heyday of stride may have ended in the early 1940s, but the contrapuntal, improvisational, blues-influenced style is alive and well, its legacy carried on by the evening’s main attraction, Trick.... [She] had no trouble holding the audience of UCSB students and others spellbound."

REVIEW about Broadway and More - by Scott Yanow [April 2018]:
   "Most intriguing are the witty and creative medleys that they create from the scores of the Broadway shows Call Me Madam, West Side Story, and The Music Man. All in all, this is a delightful outing."

REVIEW about Broadway and More - by Jack Rummel [April 2018]:
   "Their arrangements are phenomenal....They've created a new genre and I'm calling it 'PaoloandStephanie' music. It's enjoyable, it's listenable and it's danceable, too."

INTERVIEW about Broadway and More - with Lynn René Bayley [February 2018]:
   "Having been intrigued by the music played by Paolo Alderighi and Stephanie Trick on their new CD, I thought it might be interesting to my readers to hear from the creators of the music, to get their thoughts on their influences, their style and their future directions."

REVIEW of Broadway and More - by Lynn René Bayley [February 2018]:
   "...classic pop tunes rearranged and redefined by the world's best and most famous piano-four-hands duo, but in this album they're playing on two pianos instead of one."

PRIX PIANO 2016 du Hot Club de France and REVIEW of concert for Hot Club of Limoges - article by by Claude-Alain Christophe, [February 2017]: (27.2 MB PDF)
   "Paolo Alderighi et Stephanie Trick: Un couple qui respire et répand le bonheur"
   "Paolo Alderighi et Stephanie Trick: A couple that breathes and spreads happiness"

REVIEW of Sentimental Journey by Claude-Alain Christophe, [August-September 2016]: (13.1 MB PDF)
   "À vrai dire, il n'y a pas d'interprétations faibles dans cet album et l'on souscrit au jugement de Dick Hyman: 'Ensemble, ils jouent un stride à quatre mains comme cela n'avait jamais été fait.'"

   "There is not one bad interpretation on the album and we concur with Dick Hyman's judgement: 'Together they play 4-handed stride as it's never been done before.'"

REVIEW of Double Trio Always by Jack Rummel,  [April 2017]: (196 KB PDF)
   "...they have chosen the one piano, four hands technique as their niche and have revolutionized and energized it into an exciting performance art.... The recorded fidelity is excellent, the dynamics are omnipresent and the artistic package design is eye-catching.... I do recognize talent when I hear it and this recording is loaded with it."

REVIEW of Tri-State Jazz Society performance (see page 3) [3/15/15]: pdf (872 KB PDF)
   "...Trick's fingers seemed to barely touch the keyboard yet produce a full solid, almost thunderous sound."

REVIEW of four-hands concert with Paolo Alderighi [2/17/14]: pdf (194 KB PDF)
   "The enthusiasm and skill with which the two played brought the audience to its feet several times during the concert."

REVIEW of concert with Paolo Alderighi in Something Doing by Gary Rametta [January 2014]: pdf (859 KB PDF)
   "It wasn't that the pieces they chose were all that's the WAY they played them that was so interesting and enjoyable. And not only a matter of individual styles (which are more than impressive), but the carefully conceived positioning of their four hands, and the voicings, harmonic/melodic lines, and rhythms each one undertakes; resulting in fresh arrangements of these works."

REVIEW of Fourteen in All About Jazz [April 2013]: pdf (146 KB PDF)
   "The project is studiously ambitious, with Trick practiced to a high shine and Feather having done her homework on the book."

REVIEW of Fourteen in Gapplegate Music Review [April 2013]: pdf (115 KB PDF)
   "...they stomp out on a boogie-woogie like they were THERE. With their good humor and directed abandon the duo could probably take on the Teddy Bear's Picnic and stride the heck out of it."

REVIEW of Fourteen in The New York City Jazz Record by Christopher Loudon [March 2013]: pdf (545 KB PDF)
   "Nouveau Stride will delight both jazz vocal and piano fans, due to the pair's tremendous chemistry."

REVIEW of Two for One by Cam Miller in THE AMERICAN RAG [February 2013]  jpg (788 KB PDF)

   – [Issue #618] Review of Something More by Christian Sabouret
          (526 KB PDF)

   – [Issue #617] Review of Two for One by Daniel Janissier
          (488 KB PDF)

REVIEW of Fourteen in Jazz Times by Christopher Loudon [January 2013]: pdf (67 KB PDF)
   "Some might argue that Lorraine Feather has never met a stride pianist she didn't like, but Feather's intense enthusiasm for Stephanie Trick, her partner in the freshly minted Nouveau Stride, is fully justified. Indeed, first-time listeners to Fourteen are advised to proceed directly to Track 10, Trick's solo romp through J.P. Johnson's 'Carolina Shout,' to appreciate the young St. Louisan's prowess. The 13 remaining tracks all feature Feather's deliciously clever wordplay...."

REVIEW of Fourteen in Step Tempest by Richard B. Kamins [January 2013]: pdf (104 KB PDF)
   "Nouveau Stride is too good to ignore. Don't get hung up on genre, just get into these grooves and let the intelligent lyrics wash over you...."

REVIEW of Nouveau Stride Debut Performance in San Diego Reader by Liviu Bacila [12/16/12]: pdf (54 KB PDF)

ARTICLE in The San Diego Union-Tribune by George Varga [11/17/12]:  pdf (83 KB PDF)

JACK RUMMEL REVIEW of Two for One [12/15/12]:  pdf (129 KB PDF)
   "Long may they make beautiful music together!"

JAZZ LIVES REVIEW of Two for One [10/4/12]:
   "It's always gratifying to find people who Play Well Together, who know how to support as well as take the lead -- like great graceful dancers. Two eminent examples are stride/swing pianists Stephanie Trick and Paolo Alderighi, who have created a new CD called TWO FOR ONE, which always sounds like a good bargain.... [Stephanie and Paolo] revel in a gorgeous lightness of being on a beautiful assortment of songs, tempos, and approaches..."

COVER STORY in August 2012 The American Rag by Lew Shaw (520 KB PDF).

UPDATE to the Hot Club of France award announced earlier this year [8/22/12]:  Translated into English, the item on the HCF website says that the New Talent Prize was personally presented to Stephanie by Hot Club president François Debrosses [on August 11] at the 14th international Boogie Woogie Festival in La Roquebrou, France.  It goes on to say, "This prize is for a stride pianist in whom the Hot Club of France specialists have detected large potential, evidenced by the interpretations of her CD, "Live at the Sheldon Concert Hall." We were able to hear her play stride piano at the festival and see how she has grown since her 2010 CD. Her style is very accurate, her touch light and nuanced... And then there is her bright smile, her complicit gaze turned to a public that she knows honors and much appreciates her."

The CITYSCAPE PROGRAM on National Public Radio station KWMU 90.7 FM in St. Louis is hosted by Steve Potter. On 6/1/12, Stephanie and David Halen (St. Louis Symphony concert master) were interviewed about the upcoming Innsbrook Institute Music Festival.  KWMU's website has more details on the program. (16:00 MP3)

TELEVISION INTERVIEW on KSDK Channel 5 [5/31/12].  Stephanie appeared with Innsbrook executive director Ron James and artistic director David Halen (and St. Louis Symphony concert master) to discuss the upcoming Innsbrook Institute Summer Music Festival & Academy with "NewsChannel 5 at Noon" host Art Holliday.

TELEVISION INTERVIEW on STL TV LIVE [5/31/12].  Ron James (Innsbrook executive director) and David Halen (Innsbrook artistic director and St. Louis Symphony concert master) talk about the Innsbrook Institute Summer Music Festival with host Sarah Bernard.  Stephanie appears in Part 2 of the interview and plays "Dive Bomber."

ESSAY in 5/19/12 Philippine Star newspaper by Joseph R. Atilano (543 KB PDF).

COVER STORY in Spring 2012 Doctor Jazz magazine, a Dutch publication (1.15 MB PDF). The same issue also includes a review of "Hear That Rhythm!" (117 KB PDF). NOTE: These are in Dutch, and no English translation is yet available.

REVIEW of 3/18/12 Classic Jazz Concert Club performance in Sassenheim, Holland (Netherlands) (213 KB PDF)  Page 1 in Dutch; English translation on page 2.  See also CJCC photo gallery.

JACK RUMMEL REVIEW of Something More [3/16/12]:   (131 KB PDF)
   "Trick's entry into the mostly male dominated stride genre may have been viewed initially as a novelty, but she has more than proved not only her mettle but her audience appeal, inspiring Dick Hyman to write in her liner notes that she 'has now become a strong link in our tradition, and we couldn't be more delighted to welcome her.' Her combination of speed, accuracy and dynamic control has made her immensely popular on the festival circuit."

REVIEW of Something More by Cam Miller in THE AMERICAN RAG [March 2012]   (143 KB PDF)

From Hot Club of France [2/28/12]:
    "We are very pleased to inform you that the Hot Club of France has awarded you with its New Talent 2011 Prize for your Stephanie Trick LIVE album. This information is being published in LE BULLETIN DU HCF (Hot Club of France official publication) No. 608 in February 2012."
   – See HCF website here or, for slower Internet connections, view static image of the page here.

Radio interview by DR. SWING [aired 2/12/12; recorded at 37th Central Illinois Jazz Festival in Decatur, IL], WQNA 88.3 FM Radio in Springfield, Illinois. (8:48 MP3)

REVIEW of 1/21/12 benefit concert by Stephanie and Paolo Alderighi for Peace Haven Association (155 KB PDF)

From THE AMERICAN RAG, "On the Festival Trail – Gratitude for Thanksgiving in San Diego" by Don Jones (commenting upon the 2011 San Diego Thanksgiving Dixieland Jazz Festival) [Dec. 2011/Jan. 2012, pg. 2]:

Jazz fans had their smiles stretched from ear to ear and their forehead frowns were seldom seen. They were particularly enthusiastic about two new performers invited for the first time: young pianist Stephanie Trick from Saint Louis, Missouri, and the young California group, the Red Skunk Jipzee Swing band from Pismo Beach/San Luis Obispo. Mixing the young with those longer in the tooth gave all of us something to celebrate with a large dose of gratitude for their delightful performances.

ONLINE RADIO INTERVIEW with Stephanie Trick and Frederick Hodges by Susan Brender ("Masters of Stride Piano" on "V for Vitality") [12/14/11], on (22:59 MP3)

DAVID LEWIS REVIEW of Stephanie Trick LIVE on CD Baby [10/14/11]:

"Stephanie Trick Live" is taken from a concert at the Sheldon Concert Hall in her hometown of St. Louis, Missouri. The crowd is warm and receptive, and the live recording is of studio quality.... Trick maintains an intimate connection with the listener throughout the course of this disc, which has a more expansive range of selection than any of her previous releases.... This was definitely a good night for Stephanie Trick, though it's hard to imagine her having a bad one.

   – [Issue #598] Review of Stephanie Trick LIVE by Daniel Janissier
          (1.08 MB PDF) | (977 KB PDF)

   – [Issue #70] Review of Stephanie Trick LIVE by Jacques Pescheux
          (309 KB PDF) | (74 KB PDF)

From DOUG RAMSEY'S BLOG "Rifftides" on [1/31/11]: (254 KB PDF)

[Stephanie] fell in love with [ragtime and stride] and mastered it, and now the worldwide network of stride enthusiasts is in love with her. I wouldn't be surprised to see her following expand to a wider audience. Ms. Trick [is described] as "the real deal" [with a] "rock-solid" left hand. If you're not accustomed to willowy young women emulating James P. Johnson, Fats Waller and Willie The Lion Smith, get used to it, is my advice....

JACK RUMMEL REVIEW of Stephanie Trick LIVE [1/15/11]:   (108 KB PDF)
   "Stephanie Trick is at the top of her form on this album and it's hard to imagine anyone who wouldn't enjoy it and want to own it."

German review [11/3/10] of Stephanie's appearance at Kulturfabrik in Furtwangen, Germany, October 29, 2010. (286 KB PDF) | (81 KB PDF)

SCHWARZWAELDER-BOTE.DE review [11/3/10] of Stephanie's appearance at Kulturfabrik in Furtwangen, Germany, October 29, 2010.    (177 KB PDF) | German newspaper (327 KB PDF) | (81 KB PDF)

Short item by LOUIS MAZETIER [10/10], in Bulletin of the Hot Club of France.  (184 KB PDF)

Radio interview by DAVID LEWIS (Around Cincinnati) [10/10/10], WVXU 89.1 FM Radio in Cincinnati, Ohio. (9:45 MP3)

Radio interview by CARL SONNY LEYLAND (Rhythm Retrospective) [10/8/10], KCBX 90.1 FM Public Radio in San Luis Obispo, CA. See playlist here. And click here if you don't know what a celeste is! (59:00 MP3)

TV SEGMENT [aired 8/28/10], on ABC Channel 20 in Springfield, Illinois. Stephanie played two sets at the Illinois State Fair, August 19, 2010, including "Valentine Stomp" by Fats Waller, heard here. Produced by Brent Barrow for Illinois Central television program. (2:13)

Radio interview by DAVID REFFKIN (The Ragtime Machine) [7/26/10], KUSF 90.3 FM Radio in San Francisco, California. (26:36 MP3)

From CARL HAGER'S BLOG "About Jazz (Jazzers Jazzing)" on [7/25/10]:

[J]ust this last week the lyricist/singer [Lorraine Feather] got together with the phenomenally gifted young pianist, Stephanie Trick, for two days of rehearsal. Already considered by many of her peers to be among the best stride pianists in the world when she was but 21 years old, Trick was invited to perform at the 2008 International Stride and Swing Summit in Boswil, Switzerland and has been invited back again this fall.
     Feather described their first collaboration with admiring praise, saying "...she not only is spectacular but she learned "You're Outa Here" [Feather's lyricised rendition of Waller's "The Minor Drag"] for the occasion, transcribing it herself exactly as Dick Hyman played it [on Feather's recording New York City Drag (Rhombus, 2001)], supporting the melodic or rhythmic variations I did on the original track."
     The result is that [they] are putting together a stride show "we are going to launch [next year]. Irvin Arthur of Park Avenue Talent is booking it."

From NEJAZZ.COM REVIEW of the 2010 Great Connecticut Traditional Jazz Festival:

[T]he biggest surprise of the weekend was 22-year-old Stephanie Trick... [W]ith an impressive knowledge of both early and current Stride, Ragtime and Boogie pianists, she demonstrated their different styles. Knowledgeable ... Stephanie Trick, an accomplished pianist, floored us playing obscure Jelly Roll tunes, then moving into Scott Joplin ragtime, then James P. Johnson stride. She explained who each one was and how their styles differed, and later included some of today's players, Dick Hyman, Neville Dickie. Our music has a future!

JACK RUMMEL REVIEW of Ragtime Tricks:   (126 KB PDF)
   "Originally released in 2006 as her first all-ragtime CD, Stephanie Trick recently made the decision to update the contents of this recording with some new tracks and some new arrangements that match her increasing skill level and her burgeoning reputation.
   "There appears to be no genre that she cannot handle. Her touch is light, yet her fortes command authority; her approach is even and clean at any speed. She displays respect for the scores, yet she is not wedded to them, inserting tasteful departures here and there.
   "Highly recommended."

MERIDEN, CT newspaper article [7/22/10] prior to Stephanie's appearance at The Great Connecticut Traditional Jazz Festival.

SEDALIA, MO newspaper article [6/3/10] on Stephanie's appearance at Scott Joplin Ragtime Festival.

Radio interview by BOB BERNOTAS [5/21/10], UMSL Radio in St. Louis (at Jazz Education Network conference). (4:24)

On TV with TIM EZELL [5/17/10], KTVI FOX 2 in St. Louis. (2:37)

JOHNNY RABBITT interview [5/14/10], on "The Carney Show" on KMOX 1120 AM in St. Louis, MO.  NOTE: The song played at the end is "Viper's Drag," not "Handful of Keys." (12:27 MP3)

DON WOLFF interview [5/11/10], Host of "I Love Jazz" on KFUO 99.1 FM and HEC-TV in St. Louis, MO.  Excerpts from this full interview were aired on Don's show on KFUO on 5/14/10. (17:20 MP3)

   – [4/12/10] "Stride Pianist Stephanie Trick April 15 at Clairbourn School" by Bill Peters
          (311 KB PDF)
   – [4/16/10] "Great Strides at the Piano: Stephanie Trick re-ignites interest in Ragtime, Stride and Jazz Piano" by Bill Peters
          (299 KB PDF)

   – [Issue #64] "Nouvelle étoile montante du piano stride" by Jacques Pescheux
          (1.32 MB PDF)
   – [Issue #66] Review of Hear That Rhythm! by Jacques Pescheux
          (262 KB PDF) | (57 KB PDF)

JACK RUMMEL REVIEW of Hear That Rhythm!:   (120 KB PDF)
   "For many years, stride piano was almost exclusively a male-dominated genre. Even today, the number of woman performers whose repertoires are predominantly stride can be counted on one or two fingers. Thus, it’s newsworthy when a new name pops up on the horizon and Stephanie Trick is a name to be remembered.
   "This album restores my faith in stride and novelty pianists. Stephanie Trick can unleash her flying fingers at will, but, unlike some performers whose addiction to speed has caused them to become one-dimensional, she can also put loving introspection where it is warranted.
   "Highly recommended."

   "I met Stephanie for the first time a little over a year ago [in 2007] in Pacific Grove. At that time she was also a very competent, classically trained, ragtime pianist. Now she has started to play Johnson, Waller, and Smith, quite beautifully I might add. She is, in my opinion, the next rising star in the stride world.... It appears that she has the necessary duende to be able to join the inner circle."
         – Dr. Mark Borowsky

   "Stephanie [had] already wowed the more than 250 [St. Louis Ragtimers] fans that packed St. Louis' Sheldon ballroom.... [T]he lissome and vigorous young musician stepped back up to the concert grand as Trebor Jay 'The Professor' Tichenor graciously yielded his seat and stood listening and watching her prodigious talent with an eagle eye and a fine-tuned ear from the sidelines. Her second selection, a rousing stride piano version of the George Gershwin-Earl Wild classic “Liza,” improvising with elaborate riffs on the melody line and concluding with harmonious arpeggios, brought the audience to their feet, cheering to the hall’s intricately illuminated rafters."
         – Peter Green


  • "Your recent duo recording with Pianist Paolo Alderighi is among the finest jazz piano duo collaborations I've listened to in my life. Beautifully done! So smooth and yet with strong expression, always true to the material, open sound, pulsation -- everything flowing effortlessly, plus a good concept. A must have for every jazz musician and fan."
  • "Your most recent email newsletter came at just the right moment. I had worked 12 hours and was still at school at 8 p.m. and feeling sorry for myself, slumped down in my chair looking at all the work I still had ahead. And there was your email! I clicked on one of your performances and from the first note my depressed attitude disappeared! I just turned up the volume and kept clicking on various performances while I worked and got lots done with a much better attitude. I'm going to bring all your CDs to work so when I need a boost to keep going I'll have them right at hand! Thanks for all the enjoyment you bring to your fans!"
  • "I am just overwhelmed by [Stephanie's] artistry. I thought that stride piano was a lost form of jazz, but am now convinced it was only waiting for Stephanie to sit down at a piano."
  • "Stephanie played a guest shot for our jazz society last night. She played Luckey Roberts' Nothin' as [other musicians] looked on from the wings with their eyes bugged out at her virtuosic performance. When she finished the piece, the room erupted like the stands exploding after a Packers touchdown. The crowd went wild! That must happen a lot for Stephanie, because she accepted it with unabashed grace, beamed, and left the stage as the audience continued to rave at her amazing accomplishment."
  • "When Oscar, James P., Jelly Roll, Fats and Art passed on, it was said that no one could ever recreate that magic. You have the potential along with only 3 or 4 people alive today to fullfil that dream. You are truly wonderful, young lady."
  • "Your astounding skills and super smooth style are infectious and a great inspiration to me.... Your style and particularly the tempo changes, and speed with your right hand, it seems that you are having fun 'toying' or 'playing' with the piano in order to get what you do out of it. Fantastic!! I would love to see Fats Waller standing next to you watching you playing his great solo classics. Your control of tempo and touch make your playing crisp, clean, and extremely accurate in spite of your speed."
  • "Excellent playing! I am very impressed that you have achieved the level of virtuosity as young as you are in comparison to the great artists who had been doing this for decades."
  • "Sometimes contemporary pianists' recordings of stride piano seem a little strained, as if the pianists were playing just at the limits of their abilities. Not so with Ms. Trick; I think she strides better than many other pianists, and seems quite comfortable in the genre. She sounds unstrained, as if she hasn't yet reached the limits of her technique. The existence of young ragtime/stride/jazz/novelty pianists of Ms. Trick's caliber gives us hope for the future."
  • "You play with expertise and insight that is just marvelous. You lift up your audience, and they delight in your pieces and your playing of them.... What a glorious time ... being transported to the world of Scott Joplin and his heritage."
  • "Your Hear That Rhythm! CD is awesome. I've got it in this CD player that turns on to wake me up in the morning. So every morning it's been 'Space Shuffle' (usually I linger in bed until midway through 'Handful of Keys'). Great way to get up!"
  • "You make ragtime and stride come alive for your listeners, and we leave with great joy and buoyancy. You are singular in your work and in your capacity to communicate it."

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