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Q: Could you help me find sheet music for the stride pieces that you play? Do you sell sheet music or transcriptions?

A: I like to spend as much time at the piano as possible. Therefore, I do not sell or ship sheet music. I learned most of the stride pieces I play from recordings. I do not make transcriptions, nor do I collect sheet music, although I'm happy to direct you to a few of the many resources that are out there:

Q: Can you reach a tenth?

A: I can reach some tenths, but I usually have to get creative and find other ways of getting that sound - sometimes I use my right hand to help my left. If I can't reach a tenth and my right hand is busy, I'll use a single note or an octave. Rolling tenths can sound good in some situations, but at more elevated tempos it can be kind of distracting and doesn't really create the right feel. On a related note, it's great when a stride pianist is able to reach a tenth, and even better when he can use the tenths to create interesting counter melodies in the tenor voice.



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